Metarhizium anisoplae BASED BIOTERMICIDE
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  • an eco-friendly Biological termicide
  • based on naturally occurring entomo-pathogenic fungus Metarhizium anisoplae.
  • recommended for management of Termites, White ants, sugar cane beetles, carpenter ants and other soil borne insect pests attacking agricultural fields, orchards, buildings etc.
  • very effective for the control of termites because the conidia are viable in the soil.
  • They naturally adhere to insect cuticle, and are easily transferred to other termites through ordinary, interactive colony behaviour.

TERMO-END is available as easily wettable powder containing virulent strain of Metarhizium anisoplae 1x108 CFU /gm


Effectively controls

  • Termites
  • White Ants
  • Sugar cane beetles
  • Carpenter ants
  • Locust
  • Ants that spread Mealy bugs, Root grubs
  • Fruit Flies

For under construction sites
TERMO-END is recommended as a soil drench in diluted form. 2.5 grams of TERMO-END is to be dissolved in a litre of water (500 grams in 200 litres of water) and drenched liberally on pre-soaked foundation drench.

For existing buildings
TERMO-END is recommended at dilution of 500 g/200 litres for drenching pre-soaked outer periphery of an existing building. A two feet width peripheral drench application is recommended for effective control of termites.

For Termatariums
The termitariums harbour queen of the colony. The termitariums are to dug up and pre soaked over night. TERMO-END at 2.5 grams per litre of water is to be mixed and drenched on the dug up site of termatariums. Water quantity depends on the size of the termatarium.

For Interiors
TERMO-END is recommended at dilution of 100 g/20 litres for treating interiors of buildings, swabbing of wooden furniture and attics.

For Field crops and Orchards
TERMO-END is recommended at dilution of 500g/200 litres for drenching the seedling pits for orchard crops. Similar dilution is recommended for drenching existing trees also. In case of filed crops, the field has to be first irrigated and then the field should be drenched /sprayed with same dilution of 500g /200 lt of water.

Treatment of Termatariums is must (as explained separately) in fields for effective control of termites.

  • Biopesticide of microbial origin- therefore non toxic to higher animals and mammals.
  • Eco-friendly, does not contaminate under ground water and streams.
  • Horizontal Transfer Effect, controls entire termite colony.
  • Long lasting viable spores.
  • Easier application, non hazardous application method.
  • TERMO-END is a contact termicide.
  • When drenched in soil, the humidity in soil provides favorable condition for germination of spores.
  • The insects come in contact with the TERMO-END and the mycelia of fungus starts growing on the body of termites, thus pathogenicity starts on termites. The fungal mycelia start feeding on the body fluid of insects and results in disease and death of the insect pest. This results in disease and death of insect pests.
  • TERMO-END has unique Horizontal Transfer Effect (HTE) unlike any chemical termicide- spores of the fungus get transferred from exposed termites to unexposed termites. This allows the fungus to be spread through the colony killing additional termites and finally reach termitarium where queen resides. Thus the entire colony of termites gets pathogenised and offers long term control.

Normal chemical termicides when drenched in soil, enter mostly vertically down in soil and partially horizontally. The termites coming in direct contact with the chemical only get killed leaving the large travelling colony and queen safe in their soil haven.

  • Do not use chemical termicide after application of TERMO-END for 5-7 days for best results.
  • Do not store TERMO-END in direct sunlight

500 gm in bilaminate pouches. 30 pack further packed in 7 ply carton.

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