Special Quality Natural Cold Pressed Neem Oil
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With most insect pests developing resistance to most of the chemical insecticides leading to need of using higher dosage of those and ultimately affecting overall farming economics and environmental balances adversely.

PHYTOIL- N – Special Quality Natural Cold Pressed Neem Oil

  • ecologically sound,
  • ethical pest management,
  • target pest-specific,
  • nontoxic to humans and other biota,
  • biodegradable,
  • less prone to pest resistance, and
  • Cost effective

And the most importantly creates synergies when applied with other pest control products.


  • produced from finest Indian Neem seeds from specific geographical area
  • available with different gradients of Azadirachtin (the known active ingredient having pest control actions) like:
    • Less than 300 ppm Aza
    • NLT 300 ppm
    • NLT 1,000 ppm
    • NLT 2,000 ppm
  • It’s not only with Azadirachtin but it’s natural mix of other synergistic compounds like limonoids (all 40 limonoids are observed), nimbin etc
  • Free from Aflatoxin
Mode of action:

PHYTOIL- N acts on insect by

  • Repelling larvae and adults.
  • Blocking the molting of larvae or nymphs.
  • Disturbing or inhibiting the development of the eggs, larvae, or pupae.
  • Disturbing mating and sexual communication.
  • Sterilising adults
  • Deterring females from laying eggs.
  • Deterring feeding

PHYTOIL- N is wholistic product having:

  1. Insecticidal
  2. Fungicidal
  3. Bactericidal
  4. Miticidal /Acaricidal
  5. Nematicidal

Activities with some PHYTOIL- N Liquid Plant Feed/ Liquid Foliar fertilizer.

PHYTOIL- N Applications:

  • Fieldi Crops - Hydroponics, Aeroponics, Horticulture, Greenhouses,
  • Shade houses - Glasshouses, Ornamentals, Plantations, Interiorscapes,
  • Landscapes - Nurseries, Turf Grass, Shrubs, Trees, etc

Application Method:
Mix 50 ml of PHYTOIL- N with 10-15 ml of liquid soap or any suitable emulsifier in 1 lit of water. Agitate it well till pale yellow emulsion is formed. Add sufficient water to make the total volume to 10 lit. This is ready to be sprayed or drenched in soil, near root zone, within 8 hours from making it.


200 lit- Export Worthy Drum Packing. Smaller and customized packing is also possible.

Toxicological Data and Registration Dossier:

Being vegetable origin natural origin it doesn’t require registration in most countries.

Product File Specification Enquiry
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