Bacillus firmus based Nematicide
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  • an eco-friendly biological nematicide
  • based on naturally occurring isolate of the bacteria Bacillus firmus.
  • gram positive nonpathogenic and harmless bacteria.
  • intended mainly for controlling the root knot nematode (Meloidogyne spp) (Root-knot is one of the most serious plant diseases in the world, observed to cause an average annual yield loss of about 5%).
  • also effective against other phyto-pathogenic nematodes such as Hetrodera spp., Helicotylenchus spp., Hoplolaimus spp., Trichodorus Tylenchulus semipenetrans., Xiphinema index., Ditylenchus dipsaci etc.

NEMOEND-BF should preferably be used pre-planting to significantly reduces the nematode populations and the root infestation (galling index), resulting in an overall increase in yield. It can also be applied during crop growth stages.

  • Controls various phytopathogenic nematodes
  • Effective for Root knot (Meloidogyne spp.)
  • Suitable for control of persistent infestations
  • Biological nematicide
  • Eco-friendly and suitable for application through irrigation systems
  • Easily implementable into organic, conventional and integrated control growing systems;
  • Allows a reduction of toxic chemicals input
  • Economical and effective
  • Does not leave residues of harvested produce
  • Non toxic & Non virulent to mammals, birds and fish
  • Ideal choice for Organic farming
  • Does not lead to development of resistance in plant pathogens
  • Minimizes losses and cost of production and increases yield & profit.
  • Bacillus firmus produces a protease that degraded casein under varying temperature and pH
  • Unidentified secondary metabolites produced by B. firmus during growth, may have significant influence in the biological control of nematodes.

Cucumber, pepper, tomato, almond, apricot, olive, peach, plum, pomegranate, major herbs, flowers, garlic and all vegetables

  1. Pre-planting application
    NEMOEND-BF 2.5  - 5 kg or Lit per hectare significantly reduces the nematode populations and the root infestation (galling index), resulting in an overall increase in yield. 

    1 kg / lit NEMOEND-BF and 500 g. of Molasses or Crude Sugar are mixed in 3 lit of water and applied to 10 kg of PHYTOCAKE-N OR PHYTOCAKE-K or any suitable oil seed cake and covered with a cloth and stored for 3 days and applied to soil before soil preparation / ploughing.

    2.5 - 5 kg or lit of NEMOEND-BF per hectare suitable for drip irrigation delivery, provides an
    efficient control of nematode population and reduces root damages on tomato and cucumber

  2. Sequential application
    NEMOEND-BF at 2.5 - 5 kg or lit per hectare (method as stated above) after soil fumigation or soil solarization provides enhanced nematode control, when compared to each treatment alone.

    The thermo tolerance of the bacterial antagonist enables the application of the bionematicide during the solarization period. The combination of NEMOEND-BF with soil solarization significantly reduces the nematode damage to basil, tomato and cucumber crops. 

  3. Mid season application:
    Mid season, single application of NEMOEND-BF at 2.5- 5 kg or lit per hectare, significantly reduces the nematode damage on the root system of a tomato crop. 

The quantity of NEMOEND-BF required per hectare and the number of applications required depend on the infestation level of nematodes. It is suggested that a proper trial is taken by the user to ascertain application rate and number of applications.

Shelf Life
Talc / Kaolin based 1*106 CFU/gm 6 months
Dextrose based/ soluble powder 1*109 CFU/gm 1 Year
Glycerol based /liquid formulation 1*109 CFU/gm 1 Year


Product File Specification Enquiry
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