Microbial Innoculants for Mobilizing Micronutrients- Zinc, Ferrous and Magnesium
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Micro nutrients are nutrients which requires in much smaller quantity as compared to the macro nutrients however there requirement is as important as the other nutrients only quantity differs as per the crop requirement. We offer three bacterial strains which are the best for mobilizing these micro nutrients from the soil.

Active Ingredient
  • ENZINC (Special strain of Thiobacillus thiooxidans)
  • ENFER (Specialized strain Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans)
  • ENMANG (Penicillium spp)
  • Talc / Dextrose / Liquid
CFU Count
  • 1x10^7 / 1x10^9 / 1x10^9
Mechanism of Action
These Special strains of microorganisms produce active cells, grow and multiply which mobilize the insoluble micronutrients like Zink, Ferrous and Manganese present in soil. These microorganisms ultimately increase the uptake of micronutrients and make it readily available to the plant. This increased availability leads enhanced growth rate and proper development of plant vegetative and reproductive phases.
Dosage Method of application:
Talc Formulation
Active Ingredient
Recommended dose per Hectare
cfu NLT : 1x10^7
(Talc Formulation)
ENZINC Thiobacillus thiooxidans 25 kg
ENFER Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans 12.5 kg
ENMANG Penicillium spp 12.5 kg
cfu NLT : 1x10^9
ENZINC Thiobacillus thiooxidans 250 ml
ENFER Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans 125 ml
ENMANG Penicillium spp 125 ml
  • Soil Application: Add innoculants @recommended rate with compost and mix in the soil
Dextrose/Liquid Formulation

1. Seedling Dipping :

Mix recommended dosage in 10 Litres of water and dip the seedling for 30 minutes before transplanting.

2. Sett Dipping :  

3 Litres to be mixed in water sufficient enough to dip the setts required for one hectare. The setts are to be dipped for 30 minutes before planting.

3. Soil Application :

3 Litres of inoculants to be mixed thoroughly with Organic fertilizers / field soil / topsoil or any other agriculturally potent organic carrier and apply the mixture near the root zone along the planting rows and cover with soil.

4. Drip System :

In places where drip irrigation system is in practice the liquid formulation of inoculants can be used @ recommended dosage in 500 Litres of water.

5. Tree Treatments :

For fruits trees and ornamental trees apply innoculants directly at the root zone early in the season. For treatment of individual trees or vines, apply at the rate of 2 ml or 2 gm in 1 Litre of water.

Shelf life
Talc Formulation                                 : 6 Months
Liquid/Dextrose Formulation            : 1 Year
Talc Formulation
  • Packed in 1 kg poly laminated bags packed in 15 kg seven ply Boxes with plastic liner or 25 Kg laminated paper bags
Liquid / Dextrose Formulation : 25 lit / 50 lit /200 lit HDPE Drums
Recommended crops
Suitable for all crops including Rice, Sugarcane, Orchards, Vegetables, Medicinal and Aromatic plants; Green House crops
What Exotic offer?
  • Strain purity and quality mention at high priority.
  • Assures you the same cfu count till the end of expiry date.
  • Exotic bacterial strains availability for even secondary and micro nutrient.
Product File Specification Enquiry
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