Bio-larvicide based on Bacillus thuringiensis- Kurstakii
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  • an effective Biological larvicide based on Bacillus thuringiensis – Kurstakii.
  • extensively used to control moth and butterfly (Lepidoptera) pests.
  • widely used to control moth and butterfly (Lepidoptera) pests as it specifically affects the larvae (caterpillars) of many of these species.
  • especially to control gypsy moth populations.
Mode of Action:
  • The protein crystal produced by LARVORID includes a substance known as a delta-endotoxin which is toxic to members of the Order Lepidoptera (moths and butterflies).
  • Endospores of LARVORID are also toxic to the caterpillars.
  • The spores and endotoxins in the protein crystal are known as the "active ingredients" in LARVORID formulations, because it is these ingredients which kill the insects.
  • However, the protein crystal is not toxic until it is swallowed by a caterpillar - it must be present on a leaf and eaten by a caterpillar before it takes effect.
  • Once the crystal is eaten by the caterpillar it is activated by the specific conditions found in the caterpillar gut (namely, alkaline conditions and the presence of certain digestive enzymes).
  • The toxin works by attacking the gut lining. 
  • This causes paralysis of the gut and the caterpillar stops feeding as little as two minutes after eating the LARVORID.
  • The caterpillar will die because of starvation in two to five days later, depending on environmental conditions.
  • Vegetative growth of LARVORID within the caterpillar and septicaemia caused by LARVORID may also help to kill the caterpillar.
LARVORID effectively control most common target pests like:
    • Helicoverpa armigera
    • Plutella xylostella
    • Gypsy moth
    • Fruit borers
    • shoot borers
    • Cut worms
    • Leaf-rollers and miners
    • Defoliaters.
    • Spodoptera exigua,
    • richoplusia ni,
    • Stem borers,
    • Berry borers,
    • Hairy caterpillars,
    • Army worms,
    • Skelotonizers
    • Defoliaters.

LARVORID is available as Sprayable Powder (SP) or Wettable Powder (WP) standardized for 16,000 IU/mg and 32,000 IU/mg. It is:

  • Microbiological insecticide produced by fermentation.
  • Extended bio efficacy effect to pests by stomach and physical mechanism.
  • Broad-spectrum effective against more than 150 pest species.
  • Safety to human being and non-target animals except silk worm.
  • No residue on crops or in fields and environment.
  • Lower cost and convenient usage.

Foliar spray @ 600 – 1000 gm / ha. in sufficient water.

Method of Application

Spray at 12-15 days interval based on pest population. Spray preferably in evenings (as sunlight helps to break the product down) and on young larval stages or on sighting egg.

Recommended Crops

Rice, Coffee, Pepper, Cardamom, Tea, Vanilla, Cotton, Vegetables, Cereals, Pulses, fruits etc

Shelf Life

6 months


500gm in bilaminate pouches. 30 pack further packed in 7 ply carton. Other packing is available on request

Precautions and Compatibility Data

Avoid using near Sericulture area as it is poisonous to silkworm.    
Don't mix with strong alkaline chemicals or bactericides
Don't use or store them in extreme high temperature weather

No known toxic effects on humans or other mammals, plants, birds, fish, honeybees, or other beneficial insects.

Product File Specification Enquiry
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