Beauveria bassiana based Bioinsecticide
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  • eco-friendly biological insecticide
  • based on naturally occurring entomo-pathogenic fungus Beauveria bassiana.
  • recommended mainly for the control of chewing pests, white fly and different beetles.
  • When spores of the Beauveria bassiana come into contact with the body of an insect host, they germinate, enter the body, and grow inside, eventually killing the insect. Afterwards a white mold grows on the cadaver and produces new spores.

LARVO-END effectively controls

    • Helicoverpa
    • Spodoptera
    • Leaf folder
    • Stem borer
    • Fruit borer
    • European Corn borer (Ostrinlo nubilalis)
    • Asiatic corn borer (Or Furnacalis guenee),
    • Fungal gnats
    • Black vine weevil
    • Tarnished plant bug (Lygus lineolaris)
Mode of Action:
  • The conidia of Beauveria. bassiana strain GHA adhere to the insect cuticle by means of hydrophobic interaction between the spore wall and epicuticle lipids.
  • The conidia germinate, and the germ tube penetrates the cuticle, using a specific series of enzymes, which in turn degrade the lipids, protein and chitin in the insect cuticle.
  • In the insect body, the fungus multiplies in the haemocoel as a blastospore, or yeast-like cell, and enzymes begin to destroy the internal structures of the host insect causing morbidity within 36 - 72 hours.
  • Reduced feeding and immobility are rapidly evident,
  • The insect dies within between 4 to 10 days post-infection. The time to death will depend on the insect species, age and conidial dose.
  • After death, the blastospores transform into mycelia, which emerge through the cuticle and form spores.
  • These cover the cadaver as a characteristic white growth.
  • Sporulation occurs only in conditions of high humidity.

LARVO-END is available as easily wettable powder containing virulent strain of Beauveria bassiana 1 X 10^8 CFU / gm.


 Spray @ 3-5 g /lt of water for foliar spray

Shelf Life

6 months


500gm in bilaminate pouches. 30 pack further packed in 7 ply carton.

* Other packing is available on request

LARVO-END is compatible with most bio-pesticides..


LARVO-END should not be tank-mixed with fungicides. Fungicides should not be applied within 24 hours of LARVO-END applications.

Product File Specification Enquiry
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