Triacontanol Based Plant Growth Enhancer
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EN-TRICON is a Plant growth regulator containing triacontanol and phytosterol (Beta sitosterol) when sprayed on plants during grand growth period activates secondary messengers leading to enhanced enzymatic activities in plants.
Triacontanol is a 30 carbon containing alcohol having a molecular weight of 438 which is synthesized in plants.

Triacontanol is ubiquitous in soil and other biological environments. Though several studies during initial phases, on evaluation of triacontanol as a plant growth regulator were conducted on chemically synthesized pure compound, in India most studies involving triacontanol are confined to natural extracts and hence besides triacontanol, other fatty alcohols and phyto sterols present, depending on source and method of extraction adds to the plant growth. Hence EN-TRICON forms a unique combination of triacontanol & other phytosterol providing balanced blend of actives for plant growth.  

  • Improves photosynthetic activity in crop plants
  • Increases flowering
  • Reduces flower and fruit drop
  • Helps in better root development leading to effective utilization of nutrients
  • Improves quality and yield of produce
Mode of Action:


Brief Introduction of the Physiological aspect of Triacontanol is given below.

Effects On Dry Matter and Leaf Area: EN-TRICON increases the dry weight and leaf area rapidly when foliar application is made to the growing plant at specific time intervals. The dry weight response is rapid in case of foliar application as compared with seed treatment.

Translocation: The movement of Triacontanol in plants is difficult to prove because Triacontanol is ubiquitous to plants and quantities of exogenous Triacontanol required for the response are very small.

Intermediary Metabolism

Dosage : 0.5 to 1 liter per hectare
Suggested Dilution : 1:200 in water

Product File Specification Enquiry
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