Sulphur Mobilizing Bacteria
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ENSULF is an enrich source of bacteria (Specially selected strain of Thiobacillus ferrooxidans) which helps to mobilize the sulphur from soil to make it easily available form to the plants. It is one of the secondary nutrients to the plant growth and development and mostly applied inadvertently along with primary nutrients as fertilizers or an amendment to the soil.
Active Ingredient
  • ENSULF (Special strain of Thiobacillus ferrooxidans)
  • Talc /Dextrose/Liquid
CFU Count
  • 1x10^8/1x10^9 /1x10^9
Mechanism of Action
  • These Special strain of ENSULF produce active cells, grow and multiply which mobilize the insoluble sulphur present in soil.
  • ENSULF ultimately increase the uptake of sulphur and make it readily available to the plant.
Dosage & Method of application
Talc Formulation : For Mobilizing Sulphur in Soil. Apply @7.5 to 12.5 per hectare in soil with compost.
Dextrose/Liquid Formulation : Apply @125 ml or gm per hectare in soil.
Shelf life

Talc Formulation                                 : 6 Months
Liquid/Dextrose Formulation            : 1 Year

Talc Formulation                                
  • Packed in 1 kg poly laminated bags packed in 15 kg seven ply Boxes with plastic liner or 25 Kg laminated paper bags
Liquid/Dextrose Formulation : 200 lit HDPE Drums
Recommended crops
Suitable for all crops specifically oil seed crops, Aromatic and Medicinal plants. Aw well in Rice, Sugarcane, Orchards, Vegetables, Green House crops.
  • This increased availability of sulphur leads to help in synthesis of essential components of protein.
  • It is also required for the synthesis of chlorophyll. The availability of sulphur enhances the oil formation in the crop.
Product File Specification Enquiry
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