Rhizobium sp. based Atmospheric Nitrogen Fixing Bacteria Inoculum
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Generic Name : Rhizobium spp
a Rhizobium spp based product
Forms an endosymbiotic nitrogen fixing association with roots of legumes and Parasponia.
Nitrogen is fixed the root nodule which is made available to the plants
It fixes atmospheric nitrogen, releases vitamin B and improves soil aggregation.

ENRIZO is set of selected strains which are proved to fix atmospheric Nitrogen better than other strains from the market:

1. ENRIZO fixes upto 82 – 174 kg of nitrogen per hectare per year.
2. Rhizobium strains used, fixes atmospheric N in nodules in readily assimilable ammonia (NH3) form.
3. Available in user friendly forms.
4. Root nodules left over the soil make N available to next crops too.
5. ENRIZO is “approved to be used in organic agriculture”.

Available Species / Strains
Cross-inoculation grouping Legume types /crops
Pea group Pisum, Vicia, Lens
Bean group Phaseolus
Clover group Trifolium
Alfalfa group Melilotus, Medicago, Trigone 
Lupini group Lupinus, Orinthopus
Soybean group Glycine
Cowpea group Vigna, Arachis

Product Features
Available in three different forms
1. Talc /China Clay base
2. Dextrose base
3. Liquid base

 (per ml or gm)
Shelf Life
Application Rate
Talc / China Clay Medium NLT 1x10^7
Easy for application
Ease in handling
6 Months
Seed treatment: 500 gm for 20 to 30 kg of seeds
Field application : 5- 10 kg per hectare mixed with compost
Dextrose and Liquid NLT 1x10^9
Water soluble
Can be applied with irrigation
Capable reaching to the root zone with moisture
Cost effective per cfu count

1. Year

Seed treatment: 100 gm for 20 to 30 kg of seeds
Field application: 1- 2 kg per hectare mixed with compost /applied in irrigation water
Packaging : Could be customized.
Mode of action:

Rhizobium forms endosymbiotic association with plant in root nodule and works as:
Rhizobium bacteria colonize plant cells within root nodules
In root nodules, it converts atmospheric nitrogen to ammonia and then provides organic N compounds such as glutamine or ureides to the plant.


Suitable for application for:

1. Seed treatment :
@ 500 gm (Talc base)/100 gm of Dextrose or Liquid base ENRIZO with Jaggery /Molasses for seeds required for one hectare.

2. Seedling Root Dip :
@ 500 gm (Talc base)/100 gm of Dextrose or Liquid base with Jaggery /Molasses for seedlings of required for one hectare..

3. Field Application :
@@ 5 - 10 kg (Talc base) /1 kg of Dextrose or Liquid base with compost for 1 hectare of fields.

Product File Specification Enquiry
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