Azospirillum spp. based atmospheric Nitrogen fixing bacteria innoculum
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Generic Name : Rhizobium spp
  • a Azospirillum spp based product
  • Fixes atmospheric nitrogen and convert N2 gas into amino acids and proteins.
  • ENAZO-AZ is commonly recommended for grass species, including cereal crops.
  • Produces plant-growth-promoting hormones like Gibberllins.
  • Azospirillum is also capable of denitrification in environments with high pH, high temperatures, and low oxygen.

ENAZO-AZ is selected strain which is proved to fix atmospheric Nitrogen better than other strains from the market:
atmospheric Nitrogen just below plant roots making available to the plant immediately. thus:

  1. ENAZO-AZ fixes as much as 50 kg of Nitrogen per season per hectare in optimum field conditions just below the roots.
  2. Azospirillum in ENAZO-AZ avail atmospheric N to roots in readily assimilable ammonia (NH3) form to the crop.
  3. Azospirillum in ENazo–az stimulates plant growth by secretion of Giberalic Acid that stimulates root growth and induce changes in root morphology positively affecting assimilation of nutrients and absorption of water.
  4. Azospirillum strains in ENAZO-AZ performs well under microaerophilic conditions at low nitrogen levels through the action of the nitrogenase complex.
  5. ENAZO-AZ improves soil moisture utilization leading to higher leaf water potentials, decreased canopy temperature & enhanced stomatal conductance & transpiration.
  6. ENAZO-AZ is not easily desorbed by washing.
  7. ENAZO-AZ is available in user friendly formulations and suitable for different types of application.
  8. ENAZO-AZ is “approved to be used in organic agriculture”
Available Species / Strains
  1. Azospirillum lipoferum
  2. Azospirillum brasilense
Suitable for
  1. All crops; specifically:

    • Rice
    • Sugarcane
    • Cereals (Wheat, Maize etc)
    • Millets
    • Orchards
    • Vegetables
    • Medicinal and Aromatic Plants
    • Green House crops

Note: It’s more suited for condition wherein there is only partial aeration of soil is possible like semi-damp condition, sub-merged soil etc.

Product Features

Available in three different forms-

  • Talc /China Clay base
  • Dextrose base
  • Liquid base
 (per ml or gm)
Shelf Life
Application Rate
Talc /China Clay Medium NLT 1x10^7
Easy for application
Ease in handling
6 Months
Seed treatment: 500 gm for 20 to 30 kg of seeds
Field application: 5- 10 kg per hectare mixed with compost
Dextrose and Liquid NLT 1x10^9
Water soluble
Can be applied with irrigation
Capable reaching to the root zone with moisture
Cost effective per cfu count
  • Year
  • Seed treatment: 100 gm/ml for 20 to 30 kg of seeds
    Field application: 125- 250 gm /ml per hectare mixed with compost /applied in irrigation water
    Packaging: Could be customized.

    Mode of action:
    Azospirillum spp being free living /associative species it tries to be in root /on root and works as:
    • Azospirillum spp. In ENAZO-AZ converts atmospheric nitrogen into ammonium under microaerophilic conditions at low nitrogen levels through the action of the nitrogenase complex.
    • Many organic acids and other sugar secreted support nitrogenase activity with Azospirillum spp.
    • Phytohormones like Gibberllins produced by ENAZO-AZ leads to sheath elongation growth and also metabolize exogenous Gibberillic Acids.
    • ENAZO-AZ restricts nitrification process and thus increases N availability to the plants.
    • It activates many organic acids and hormones around the roots enhancing mineral uptake by plants.
    • Increases root hairs on each root

    Suitable for application for:

    1. Seed treatment  :

    @ 500 gm (Talc base)/100 gm/ml of Dextrose /Liquid base ENAZO-AZ with Jaggery /Molasses for seeds required for one hectare.

    2. Seedling Root Dip    :

    @ 500 gm (Talc base)/100 gm /ml of Dextrose /Liquid base with Jaggery /Molasses for seedlings required for one hectare.

    3. Field Application     :

    @ 5 - 10 kg (Talc base) /1 kg /lit of Dextrose /Liquid base with compost for 1 hectare of fields.
    Product File Specification Enquiry
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