Azotobacter spp. based Atmospheric Nitrogen Fixing Bacteria Inoculum
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  • a Azotobacter based product used in atmospheric nitrogen fixation in agriculture
  • ENAZO-AB converts atmospheric N2 to ammonia.
  • has unique system of three distinct nitrogenase enzymes which enables nitrogen fixation
  • has the highest metabolic rate of any organisms.

ENAZO-AB fixes atmospheric Nitrogen naturally in rhizosphere /soil.

  1. It improves seed germination and plant growth.
  2. ENAZO-AB is tolerant to high salts..
  3. Benefits crops by Nitrogen fixation, growth promoting substances, fungi static substances.
  4. It is poor competitor for nutrients in soil and hence its growth promoting substances, fungistatic substances.
  5. It thrives even in alkaline soils.
  6. Azotobacter also produces some substances which check the plant pathogens such as Alternaria, Fusarium and Helminthosporium. Hence Azotobacter also acts as a biological control agent.
  7. Also produces fixation of Thiomin, Riboflavin, Nicotin, indol acitic acid and giberalin. When ENAZO-AB is applied to seeds, seed germination is improved to a considerable extent, so also it controls plant diseases due to above substances produced by it.

Active Ingredient
Azotobacter spp.
Suitable for
  1. All crops; specifically crops grown in high pH conditions and non-legumes including:

    • Rice
    • Sugarcane
    • Cereals (Wheat, Maize etc)
    • Millets
    • Orchards
    • Vegetables
    • Medicinal and Aromatic Plants
    • Green House crops
Product Features

Available in three different forms-

  • Talc /China Clay base
  • Dextrose base
  • Liquid base
(per ml or gm)
Shelf Life
Application Rate
Talc /China Clay Medium
NLT 1x10^7
Easy for application
Ease in handling
6 Months
Seed treatment: 500 gm for 20 to 30 kg of seeds
Field application: 12-15 kg per hectare mixed with compost
NLT 1x10^9
Water soluble
Can be applied with irrigation
Capable reaching to the root zone with moisture
Cost effective per cfu count
1 Year
Seed treatment: 100 gm for 20 to 30 kg of seeds
Field application: 125- 250 gm per hectare mixed with compost /applied in irrigation water
Packaging: Could be customized.

Mode of action:
    1. ENAZO-AB naturally fixes atmospheric nitrogen in the rhizosphere.
    2. Azotobacter uses carbon for its metabolism from simple or compound substances of carbonaceous in nature.
    3. Besides carbon, Azotobacter also requires calcium for nitrogen fixation.
    4. Similarly, a medium used for growth of Azotobacter is required to have presence of organic nitrogen, micro-nutrients and salt in order to enhance the nitrogen fixing ability of Azotobacter.

Suitable for application for:

1. Seed treatment  :

@ 500 gm (Talc base)/100 gm/ml of Dextrose /Liquid base ENAZO-AZ with Jaggery /Molasses for seeds required for one hectare.

2. Seedling Root Dip    :

@ 500 gm (Talc base)/100 gm /ml of Dextrose /Liquid base with Jaggery /Molasses for seedlings required for one hectare.

3. Field Application     :

@ 5 - 10 kg (Talc base) /1 kg /lit of Dextrose /Liquid base with compost for 1 hectare of fields.
Product FileSpecificationEnquiry
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