• EN-OXY is formulation containing Calcium peroxide which is composed of oxygen being held in a tight bond with calcium, both of which are indispensable when growing high-performance crops. The adjuvents and safeners help in a slow and consistent release of Oxygen to the root zone. In the presence of sufficient oxygen (aerobic conditions) and other nutrient elements, microorganisms will ultimately convert many organic contaminants to carbon dioxide, water and microbial cell mass.

  • EN-OXY makes sustained release of Oxygen available to plants which:
    • Promotes cell division and cell elongation of root zone, aids in root respiration
    • Encourages the survival of plant friendly micro flora and micro fauna
    • Prevents harmful anaerobic microbes to proliferate and harm the plant
    • Makes the plant sturdy and less susceptible to pest and disease attack

  • Increased calcium levels in the soil also enhance the buffering capacity, thus reducing the effects of nutrient toxicity

  • Non-toxic to mammals, birds and fish
  • Increased rate of photosynthesis
  • Enhanced yield along with quality of produce
  • No nutrient toxicity observed in plants
  • Can provide some protection to plants against pest & disease attack
  • BRs have been reported to counteract both abiotic and biotic stress in plants

When applied to soil and on coming in contact with water will immediately begin to decompose releasing oxygen

Calcium peroxide is composed of oxygen being held in a tight bond with calcium

The breakdown is as follows: CaO2-----1, Ca + 2, O while H2O2 decomposes into 1, H2O and 1, O (nascent oxygen). The oxygen released aids in root respiration and calcium ions help in strengthening the crop

Components Composition (%) W/W
Calcium peroxide 60%
Inert ingredients q.s.
Method of Application

Basal Dose / Top Dressing: Broadcast 1 Kg / Acre of EN-OXY before planting.

Orchards: Apply EN-OXY 500 g 1 Kg / plant twice a year

Recommended Crops
Apple, Chilli, Sunflower, Tea, Cotton, Onion, Tomato, Okra, Vegetables, Grapes, Mango, Citrus Sweet orange, Flowering plants, Annual flowering plants.

Precautions & Compatibility Data Precautions
Should not be exposed to direct flame as it may catch fire and should be avoided from moisture.

Incompatibility: Strong acids or alkali compounds, oxidizing agents, disinfectants and biocides may inactivate the actives.

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